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A DAO for the People

Being a part of The Mafia DAO will have many benefits. The Mafia DAO will receive 10% of all royalties from secondary markets, exclusive alpha, and research write-ups focused around new or trending  NFT and Crypto projects. Members of the DAO will also be able to stake their Mafia Member to receive enough of our utility token, $MASK,  which will have real utility.


UnMasked: The Website

We are creating a Solana NFT data analytics website. You will be able to know when collections have an increase in volume, what people are minting throughout the ecosystem in real  time, and even have access to research write-ups released weekly that will go in depth into new or popular NFT and Crytpo projects.   

Staking for Real Utility

Mafia Members will be able to stake their NFT's for our utility  token. They will  use this token  to pay the monthly subscription to the website. Each Mask Mafia NFT will produce at least enough of the utility  token each  month  to pay for the monthly subscription.

Research Write-Ups

As a team, we will realease research  papers weekly. Before mint these will be available for everyone in our Discord. But, after mint, the write-ups will only be available to members of our DAO.

The Mafia Stash

10% of secondary sales’ royalties will be stored in the mafia stash (wallet). The DAO will vote on where these funds are to be allocated.

Low Supply and Low Mint Price

We are only releasing 3,333 Mask Mafia NFT's ever. With this supply, we believe we have  enough people to build a strong community, but not so  many NFT's  available that the market is saturated. We are minting for a low price because we believe everybody should have a chance to get access to the tools we are creating.


A vow of silence... Certain mobsters on secondary markets will have a bounty on their head. Anyone who saves these mobsters from the secondary will be rewarded in Sol.

The Future of the Mafia

The Mask Mafia has a long-term vision. We intend to better the Solana Ecosystem for all that use it. We  have a clear direction for the project and believe our  model will allow for long-term sustainability.  

Roadmap: Phase 1

Your Mafia Member will act as initiation into the mafia and thus the MafiaDAO. We aim to build a DAO that is community centered to allow for the people in the community to have as much say as possible. 

Mafia Members will be able to stake their Mask Mafia NFT to receive $MASK. With this token, members will be able to pay for the monthly subscription to Unmasked. Each Mask Mafia NFT will generate more than enough $MASK to buy the subscription each month. Holders will be able to stake and unstake when they please on our website. 

“Unmasked”- A Solana NFT Analysis Website
We are creating a website that gives our NFT holders and other users an edge when buying and selling NFT’s. Our website, Unmasked, will gather NFT sales data across the Solana Ecosystem and present it to users in an easy to read way. Our website will show volume spikes, what people are minting on the Solana ecosystem in real time, candles stick charts of NFT collection sales data, and many other features. This data will prove itself invaluable to users of the Solana Ecosystem and will give them an edge when buying or selling NFT’s. Our website will require a monthly subscription that can be paid in $Sol or $MASK.

NFT and Crypto Research Papers
We will drop research papers weekly. These will be available to everyone before mint, but once the DAO is created, only Mafia Members will be able to access them. These will be PDF files sent in the discord. When Unmasked is released, these papers will be available there. 

Bountied Mafia Members
In the Mafia we live by a code. Omertá, the vow of silence, is ingrained into our blood. Ever so often, Mask Mafia NFT’s on the floor will have bounties placed on them. When bountied NFT’s are purchased, the buyer will be rewarded in Sol from the team. 

Moneybag Mafia Members
1% of the supply of Mask Mafia NFT’s will be Moneybag Mafia Members. These NFT’s will generate 2x the regular amount of $MASK when staked. Moneybag Mafia Members will have a special role in the discord, and will also have access to an exclusive chat for only Moneybag Mafia Members. 

The Mafia Stash
10% of secondary sales’ royalties will be stored in The Mafia Stash (wallet). The DAO will vote on where these funds are to be allocated. Funds will begin collecting in the DAO wallet as soon as the collection is live on secondary marketplaces. 

The Future
Because we are a long-term project, we want to continue to provide value to the people who believed in us from the start. For this reason, we will eventually be releasing a very limited supply NFT collection only available to Mask Mafia NFT holders. These NFT’s will be gamified and will be exchanged for $MASK that will then be burned to decrease our token supply. These will require the community to work together for varying amounts of $Sol as rewards. Phase 2 of the roadmap will be released after Phase 1 is complete.


Mission Statement

The goal of our team is to help all of you and anyone else we can. The Solana Ecosystem has become home to one of the most energetic and kind communities to ever grace the crypto space. Every member of this team has enjoyed their time in Solana NFT’s since diving in headfirst. Because we have been blessed by this ecosystem, we have become inspired to contribute to it. We decided that it was time we added something of value to one of our favorite communities. Since that decision, we have been building and plotting and the result is The Mask Mafia NFT. The Mask Mafia is an NFT that provides real long-term value to holders through the creation of useful and needed services. With this, we will accomplish our goals of leaving the Solana Ecosystem better than we found it, and creating something that provides real long-term value to people who have believed in us. This is only the beginning…

The Team


The Judge

Solana Weeb


Head Artist

Head Analyst

Head Dev


Wen Mint?
Mint will be on January 26th.
What do the Roles in Discord Mean?
-Mafia Boss- Owner
-Consigliere- Mod
-Underboss- OG/Whitelist
-MoneyBag Mafia- Owns a MoneyBag Mafia Member
-Associate- Base Level Member
How do I get Whitelist?
The first 333 people to join our Discord receive a whitelist spot, the role of Underboss in the discord, and will receive the mint link 1 hour early.  They will also have first access to the gamified reward NFT we have planned exclusively for holders.
Secondary Markets?
We plan to be listed ASAP after mint. Our favorite secondary market is Magic Eden and that is where we would prefer to be first.
What is Mint Price?
.55 $Sol
How Much Supply?
There will only be 3,333 Mask Mafia NFT’s ever created.
Why 3,333?
We believe that a supply of 3,333 is the perfect sized collection because there are enough pieces to have a strong and innovative community, but not so many that the market is saturated.
How will Mint Work?
Our mint will be on a first come first serve basis. Members with the Underboss(OG) role will  receive the link to the mint website 5 minutes before the public.
Who Created the Art?
All Art in this collection was made by the team(Mafia Bosses and Consigliere). We have not outsourced or paid for any art to be created, as many other projects have.
When and Where will Research Papers be released?
Research papers will be released weekly in the Discord and available to everyone until the DAO is created. Once the DAO is created in the Discord, new research papers will be only for Mask Mafia Members. When our analytics website is released, the research papers will be integrated there. We plan to release them weekly forever, as we already do countless hours of research for fun.
What will be Covered in the Research Papers?
The research papers will be in-depth analyses and descriptions of upcoming or current NFT and cryptocurrency projects.
What is the MoneyBag Mafia?
1% of Mask Mafia NFT’s will have the MoneyBag trait. This will allow them to produce 2x the amount of $MASK when staked.
What Percent of Royalties will go to the DAO?
10% of all royalties will go to the DAO starting immediately when we are listed on secondary marketplaces. The DAO will vote on how to spend this. 
What will the analytics site be called?
The NFT analysis site will be called Unmasked because we intend to unmask data in the NFT industry and make it digestible and usable for everyone.
What will the name of the utility token be?
The utility token will be called $MASK. You will be able to earn this by staking your Mask Mafia NFT.
When will staking be released?
Staking will be released ASAP after mint. It will be released before Unmasked is released so holders have a chance to accumulate $MASK. 
How much $MASK will I make for staking?
You will make more than enough $MASK every month to pay for the subscription to Unmasked.
When will Unmasked be released?
Unmasked is our top priority and features will be implemented as they are finished ASAP after mint. Tools will be added one by one until we implement all the features we view necessary. Staking will be released before Unmasked so holders can begin hoarding $MASK.  
Will Unmasked only be available for Mask Mafia NFT holders?
Unmasked will be available to the public for a monthly subscription. Mask Mafia Members who have their NFT staked, will receive more than enough $MASK to pay each months subscription
What will the Limited Supply Reward NFT’s entail?
Stay tuned. Don’t think it will be easy. You’ll be rewarded if you stick around…
What Experience does the Team have?
Although none of us have worked on the creation side of a project before, we have been around the ecosystem for almost a year now. We are friends in  real life and all started looking into NFT's around the same time. Because of each of our unique backgrounds, we knew we had to collaborate to create. The Judge has a background in website and Discord creation, social media marketing, stock-options and crypto trading, and business management as he has owns  multiple businesses that incorporate all of these in some way.  Muze has a background in marketing and engineering and has been in crypto since early 2018. SolanaWeeb has a background in computer science. He has done software development work for a  few small companies. Over  the past  year, he has  been studying and learning rust diligently. As a team, we created basic art and  a basic mint website 2-3 months ago to test our skills. Once we tested it and it worked  properly, we shut it down and  it will never be  released, as it  was a practice project.